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Robert Clark, writing in the Guardian Guide 25th July 2015

Emerging out of the neo-expressionist craze of the 1980s, which saw painters throughout the western world piling on angst and impasto, Jeffrey Dennis has continued to plow his maverick trajectory, albeit against a more upbeat psychedelic backdrop. His imagery may range from the flashy glamour of Bengali film posters through to the self-conscious profundities of Jean-Luc Godard, but everything tends to be entangled in clouds of amazement. His surfaces are reminiscent of the crumbling and graffiti-ridden mosaics of Mediterranean backstreets. A central piece, titled The Artist Successfully Levitating In The Studio, is intended as a reversal of the ironic defeatism of performance artist Bruce Nauman’s Failing To Levitate In My Studio. Dennis’s work may aspire towards the uplifting, but it’s still distinctly woozy in its spaced-out precariousness.
Northern Gallery For Contemporary Art, Saturday 25 July to Saturday 17 October