Writing by Jeffrey Dennis
This section covers writing mostly about other artists' work. For writing about Jeffrey Dennis' work see information and links under Publications and also Jeffrey Dennis by Martin Holman

Current or recent writing
Review of 'I Cheers a Dead Man's Sweetheart: 21 Painters in Britain', De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea, 15 March-29 June 2014 pp 168-172 'The Journal of Contemporary Painting Volume 1 # 1, Dec 2014 ISSN 2052-6695

The Masterwork of the Cheese Orpheus (published summer 2013) commissioned by Jeremy Akerman & Eileen Daly for their 'Flash500' online project

The Unbearable Lightness of Painting about the paintings of René Daniëls and René Magritte, co-authored by Jeffrey Dennis and David Ben White, is published in Turps Banana  issue # 10 (autumn 2011)

Read his article about the artist Feliks Topolski from issue # 6 of Turps Banana Issue 6 March 2009 ISSN 1749-3994

Clocking On: the Paintings of Brian Sayers for Turps Banana, Issue 4 March 2008 ISSN 1749-3994

Review of Robert Rauschenberg: Transfer Drawings From The 1960s by Lewis Kachur and Robert Rauschenberg: Cardboards And Related Pieces by Yve-alain Bois And Josef Helfenstein With Claire Elliot for The Art Book (journal of the Association of Art Historians) Volume 15 Issue 2 Page 13 - 14, April 2008 ISSN 1368-6267

Review of The Alpine Fantasy of Victor B and other Stories for The Art Book (journal of the Association of Art Historians) Volume 15 Issue 1 Page 54-55, Feb 2008 ISSN 1368-6267

No Place like Home
on the work of Karin Mamma Andersson, published by Camden Arts Centre, London, to accompany her exhibition, 28 Sept ­ 25 Nov

Coloured Dirt

(extract from Short Stories about Painting) New Statesman Vol 134 # 4757 Sept 12 (p38/39) ISSN 1364-7431

Felix Topolski's 'Memoir of the Century'
for the visual arts 'As Seen By....' column of Time Out London #1716 July 9-16 (p59) ISSN 1479-7054

The Message beyond the Medium
co-authored with Paul Bonaventura for tate #15 Summer '98 (p80) ISSN 1351-3737 (now known as

The Gas Station: An interactive artists' project published on the web by the Laboratory at the Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art, University of Oxford

Reviews written for
Untitled Magazine (ISSN 0969-9716):
Toni Grand at Camden Arts Centre
#6 (p15)
Divers Memories at the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford
#7 (p9)